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    Is technology making construction better or worse and how’s affecting the industry?

    Dan Dawkins | December 1, 2017

    Technology is becoming an integral part of our life, and it continually manages to improve various industries as well. But you do have to wonder, does technology have any impact in the construction world? How do construction businesses react to technology and do they use it or not?

    The reality is that most industry professionals are acknowledging the fact that technology adaption is the future. Of course, some construction companies are making sporadic investments.

    What technologies are interesting for the construction industry?
    Right off the bat, the primary technology that most construction companies focus on is mobile apps and devices. There’s a reason why these are so popular because they allow you to edit, share and document or access important project information. Not only that, but there are specific heavy-duty devices that are created specifically for the field work and which feature a rugged construction, great screens and plenty of other features.

    GPS tracking
    GPS is very helpful for construction workers, especially those that need to receive location information constantly. GPS can also be used by fleet tracking software in order to manage your fleet, identify the equipment conditions and other important information.

    Robotic constructors
    Construction tasks are very tough and challenging. That’s why the industry always tries to use whatever it can to get the best results. Robotic constructors are a great example in this regard because they bring in front a tremendous value and quality on the market.

    Wearable technology is good for construction companies too. This offers important information to the construction worker, not to mention the worker can also boost his safety, stay up to date with the latest notifications from the site manager and so on. Plus, wearables are easy to use, and they do offer just about all the features that you would expect.

    Big data
    How can big data help construction companies? Building sensors can collect readings that include historical data, building performance as well as other relevant information. You can already find lots of constructors that use tech to monitor the equipment usage, maintenance, fuel usage and so on.

    3D printers
    Although the 3D printing technologies is still in the early days, it can help construction workers quite a lot. If you are missing an important piece, you can easily create it with the help of a 3D printer. This keeps the overhead costs low, and you can make the construction process faster and more precise too.

    There are many benefits that technology can bring to the table for construction workers. This is why you need to do all you can to win. Results can be more than ok in the end, so you want to take your time with tasks like that. It’s certainly going to take quite a lot of time to implement and use all these technologies in the construction world, but they can indeed work very well, and the benefits will be astonishing in the long term. It’s definitely one of those things that will eat up a lot of time to implement and adapt adequately, but in the long time results can be more than ok!

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