Working With Us

First, we visit your house to help you plan and visualize your project. Next, we work together with you to develop your design. This involves a regular schedule of meetings.

As the design work progresses, we’ll draw all the plans and help you choose the appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting, tile, and other products that your project will require.

While you’re choosing all these products, you’ll get our unbiased recommendations. We don’t have a showroom. There’s a wonderful array of selections available, and we think you’d prefer to choose for yourself instead of having to use the cabinets, tile, and other products that your remodeler happens to be selling. Instead, we’ll help you find the products that are right for your house.

We also don’t have business partnerships. You won’t see any name except ours on our brochures or website. We have no financial relationships with any of our suppliers. When they give us the discounts -and they do – we pass on those savings along to you.

Design/build means that one company designs and draws the job, and then builds it. No more hiring an architect or designer and then putting the project out for bids. This means that you’re much less likely to find that the project you’ve worked so hard on planning turns out the be unaffordable. It means that one company takes responsibility for the success of the whole project: no more finger-pointing between the architect and builder. It means that by the time construction starts, you and the company you’re working with have had time to form a strong partnership.

Another great advantage of the design/build approach is that we can give you accurate information, all through the design process. We can tell you whether a proposed change is a small expense or a big one, and we can make suggestions all along the way on how to make the project better and more affordable.

When you’re happy with the design and the product selections, we get formal bids from all our subcontractors and bring you a fixed price for the job. If it looks good to you, we sign the construction contract.

Then we get the building permit. If your project requires a zoning variance, we’ll prepare the documents for your variance application. If not, we’ll go to the relevant jurisdiction and take care of the paperwork. All our projects, except for small repair jobs, are permitted.

Our fixed-price contracts contain a completion date. We’ll take care of your property during construction, meet with you regularly as the work progresses, and get you back into the space at the time we’ve agreed to.


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