Handicap Conversions

After many years of accessibility modifications in the homes of disabled veterans, Dawkins Development Group, Inc. now offers these services to seniors and anyone with limited mobility in their home.

These types of services include: ramps and handrails, accessible kitchen cabinetry and appliances, bathroom fixtures including walk-in showers and tubs, elevated toilets and safety bars, easy-open windows, and automatic doors. We also address barriers such as stairs, uneven flooring, narrow doorways, and anything that may prevent our client from meeting their daily living needs on one level. We can move laundry rooms to one floor, take out walls or provide you with access to your porch, patio, and other levels of the home with stair chairs, elevators, and wheelchair lifts. Whatever floor plan challenges and accessibility barriers exist in your home, we will work to accommodate your needs.

Using the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards in our design process, we make only improvements that are safe and reliable. Each home is evaluated for accessibility, and recommendations are tailored to the individual or family. We have Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) on our staff with the knowledge and compassion to guide you through the remodeling process. Accessibility modifications have come a long way from “hospital sterile”, and can be a blend of beauty and functionality.

Whether your solution is a few minor modifications or an addition to accommodate live-in caregivers or medical equipment, we can help you find the perfect solution to fit your budget. We provide a free consultation to discuss your family’s needs, with no pressure and no obligation.

Dawkins Development Group, Inc. is proud to be one of New York’s few Medicaid certified remodelers, as well as a preferred contractor with the Veteran’s Administration. Feel free to call our office if you would like contact information for either of these agencies to learn whether you qualify for financial assistance as a Veteran or a New York Medicaid recipient.

Services We Provide Include: 

Main Level Living Modifications: One of the biggest obstacles for seniors living independently is having the laundry room in the basement and navigating a staircase with an armload of laundry. We’ll examine your home to see if it is feasible to move the laundry area to the main floor. We can also modify your floor plan to make sure your bedroom, bathroom, and living areas are all on one level, and eliminate the need for climbing stairs. If stairs are unavoidable, we can install a variety of stair-lifts or chair-lifts.

Bathroom Modifications:

Installation of barrier-free (walk-in) showers and tubs, grab bars near the toilet and tub and single-lever faucets make bathrooms safer and easier to use. Wall-mounted sinks and vanities accommodate seated users by allowing them to get closer to the sink. Reinforced grab bars can be installed to look like elegant towel bars. Doorways and hallways can be widened for easier navigation for walkers and wheelchairs.

Kitchen Modifications:

Installation of shallow kitchen sinks with single-lever faucets and knee-space underneath allow for easy reaching and access for seated users.

Flooring Modifications:

Bulky thresholds and loose flooring transitions are mitigated to eliminate tripping hazards.

Covered Porches and patios: If you find yourself wanting to spend more time outdoors, we can create a covered porch or patio for your enjoyment. Covered walkways from your home or garage can also be installed for protection from the elements.

The possibilities are almost limitless of the things we can do to make your home safer and more livable. Call today for your Free Estimate!

When you call Dawkins Development Group, Inc. for a Free consultation on home modifications, we will also conduct a Free Safety Inspection.

If you are looking for a New York Tri-State Senior Home Modifications Contractor then please call or complete our online request form.

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After many years of accessibility modifications in the homes of disabled veterans, Dawkins Development Group, Inc. now offers these services to seniors…

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